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Emma Paul

Counsellor, Doula, Intimacy Consultant, Remedial Massage Therapist

An interest in human behaviour combined with the innate knowing that there is more to human connection than is the current social standard drove me to dive deep into intimacy and love, which absolutely must begin with self. My purpose in life is to facilitate space for those who have similar enquiries of self and the

art of relating to others. 

I hold a solid understanding in literature and philosophies pertaining to Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA).

I possess an accurate understanding of dysfunctional families and associated generational trauma. 

I continually apply myself to studies of; 

Behavioural Psychology, Positive Psychology and Counselling 

Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama (breath work) and Classical Tantra

The connection between the Body, Mind and Soul on an anatomical, physiological,

psychological and neurobiological level. 

I currently represent The Australian School of Tantra as a facilitator

for singles and couples who have a desire to connect deeper with self and others via neo-tantric practices.  

Currently studying; 

Applied Positive Psychology – University of Pennsylvania 

Bachelor of Counselling – Australian College of Applied Psychology 

Appreciation to my mentors, teachers and guides; Martin Seligman, John Bradshaw, Kol Martens, Osho,

Simon Borg-Olivier, Kerry and Diane Riley, Clive Sheridan, Danny van Vleet and my father, 

whose teachings have been significant.  



Each offering is flavoured to align with Your needs. At Honour Yourself, be honoured we meet You where ever You are at on Your journey, and create a secure space for You to continue self-discovery and subsequent growth, fully supported and immersed in love. 

Our communication lines are always open and we value learning about You from Your perspective. No one knows You, the way You do. We honour Your body for holding the power, wisdom and knowledge to heal itself. We feel our most important role is to create a safe, nurturing container for Your body to heal, Your mind to quieten and Your soul to be nourished.



Counselling (Positive Psychology)

Positive Psychology inspired Counselling.  

Be held in a safe space, free to express yourself without judgement. 

Cost $90.00

Allow One Hour


In 2012, I completed my doula training (birth and post birth modules) with Childbirth International before giving birth to my own beautiful boy that same year. 

I feel strongly that my calling is ‘to support.’ My not only believe ‘it takes a village to raise a child,’ I believe ‘it takes a village to raise the whole family!’ 

I am particularly passionate about women birthing from their feminine. When a woman is truly in her heart (her energy centre) she is able to open and embrace the birthing journey. That is the birth of a baby and a mother. 

I see my role during a birth as predominantly a ‘Safe-Keeper.’ A sister to protect the space for the mother to birth her child. Secondly, my role includes supporting the mothers partner. Allowing him or her to feel my support and guidance of how to best support mother and baby from an empowered place. Finally, I feel it is my responsibility to support the whole family unit through the process of birth. I provide support, knowledge and love for existing children, grandparents, even the family dog. 

I see the fourth trimester (the first 12 weeks post birth) just as important as the conception, pregnancy, birth and immediate post birth. This is the time where woman becomes mother, perhaps mother again. This is a time where a woman needs to be honoured for her metamorphosis. 

Two weeks post birth, I offer a ritual to honour the woman which includes binding, mind and body work and massage. Cost may be covered through private health fund.

During the fourth trimester (and beyond if required), Mother’s Help is available for home duties such as cooking, light cleaning, laundry, child care and general support. These fees may be subsidised through CCS. 

I would be honoured to be apart of your birthing journey. 

Cost from $1300.00 for birth (includes two visits pre-birth and one visit post birth.  

Connect for further details and costs relating to Fourth Trimester Mother's Help and Ritual.

Honour Yourself, be honoured

Personalised to support you. Combining bodywork, counselling, massage, mindfulness and nutritional therapy, each session is unique with the intention to support you on your journey. 

  • Release trauma

  • Reclaim your body

  • Heal your body and mind

  • Connect to your heart 

  • Connect with yoni/lingam 


Cost $130.00 per session

Allow 90 minutes

Intimacy Sessions for Couples

Explore new ways to connect to your partner. Designed for you to cultivate your own practice at home.

Cost $130.00 per session

Allow 90 minutes

To book visit; www.alexandemma.org 

Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Healing Massage

Trained in the Heartworks Tradition, this is an honouring, detoxifying and deeply healing treatment.

Cost $90.00

Allow One Hour

Cost $130.00 

Allow 90 minutes

Massage Therapy for Mental Health 

Offering half price treatments *conditions apply

Empowering you to Honour Yourself...

Supporting you on your journey back to good (mental) health. Massage has shown to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Massage therapy reduces the levels of cortisol (stress hormone). Stress is prominent in many health conditions such as addiction and PTSD as well as a contributor to many ailments like hypertension and heart disease. 

Regular massage treatments lower blood pressure and heart rate and increases serotonin and oxytocin levels. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that plays a role in stabilizing your mood and promoting sleep, while oxytocin, known as the ‘love hormone’ has anti-anxiety effects and promotes feelings of relaxation, trust and psychological stability. 

Researchers are discovering now more than ever the importance of human connection and physical contact.

Now offering half price treatments for clients on a mental health plan. 

*Please bring a copy of the current letter/plan from your GP to your first treatment

**Available for the duration of the current plan. Eligible for renewal

***Offer applies to weekly 60 minute massage treatments

****Health fund rebates apply 

Step into a quiet space and Honour Yourself…

Cost $45.00

Allow One Hour

Remedial Massage

Remedial and Sports Massage, targeting one or multiple areas. 

ROCKTAPE strapping optional.

*health fund approved

Cost $90.00

Allow One Hour

Cost $130.00

Allow 90 minutes

Sacred Connection for Couples

Trained by and representing The Australian School of Tantra in Brisbane, I am honoured to facilitate and guide beautiful heartfelt sessions to couples who desire a deeper connection.

Exploring connection through breath, gaze and hearts. Tuning in to the feminine and masculine energies, sensual massage (learn to give and receive), lingam massage, yoni massage.  

Sessions are suitable for beginners to advanced.

Sessions can be packaged for a complete journey. Four fortnightly sessions over 8 weeks is ideal.

A personalised course to nourish and honour your relationship.

Cost $250.00 per session (or $800.00 for four) 

Allow 90 minutes 


‘Mere philosophy will not satisfy us.
We cannot reach the goal by mere words alone. 
Without practice, nothing can be achieved’
- The Yoga Sutras


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